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ACSION is a study excursion held by AMPP ITS SC to connect theory with practice in the company, enrich knowledge, and enhance understanding through real-life experiences including visits to factories. ACSION brings “Gazing at the Horizon: Uncovering Opportunities and Inspiring Growth.” This theme reflects the spirit of exploring new opportunities, discovering growth potential, and gaining inspiration from experiences obtained during company visits. Through this activity, participants are expected to broaden their horizons, strengthen connections, and develop a deeper understanding of the industry and best practices.

About first company: PT Steel Pipe Industry of Indonesia

PT Steel Pipe Industry of Indonesia (PT SPINDO) is the largest steel pipe manufacturer in Indonesia with extensive experience in producing various types of steel pipes/tubes and other related products. The company's products have obtained various domestic and international certification standards. Product quality assurance is always carried out through the implementation of a strict quality evaluation system, in line with the ISO 9001 and API5L certifications we have received. In accordance with international quality requirements, we have met ASTM, BS, JIS, ISO, API, AS, and SNI standards.

About second company: Secret Destination



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The relation between "Material Protection and Performance" with the production of steel pipes at PT Steel Pipe Indonesia involves ensuring that the raw materials used in the steel pipe manufacturing process are well-protected and exhibit optimal performance. This includes the use of material protection technologies such as anti-corrosion coatings or specialized treatments on the materials used to ensure resistance to various environmental conditions.

The implementation of "Material Protection and Performance" at PT Steel Pipe Indonesia also pertains to ensuring that the produced steel pipes meet the expected quality and performance standards demanded by customers. This involves selecting high-quality raw materials, rigorous control of the production process, and intensive quality testing and control to ensure that the manufactured steel pipes meet international standards and market requirements.

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